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Glory news has been doing its job over the years which is to deliver its audience with the news religiously. But wait a second it is not just the news. We are not here for every rubbish thing that happens around. But we are here to deliver the news that actually matters.

So, glory news is the best platform out there for the people who wants to be aware everything. Either if it happens in your surroundings or internationally. We got it all covered for you.

Our platform entails all kinds of news either major or large. Sports, entertainment. International clashes, new inventions, international currency rates, tension among politicians. What is best or what is not. Who is fighting on what thing? We all have it for you.

Our mission is to quench the thirst of those who thrive with the news. For most of the people their life is dependent on news in numerous ways. Either it is some kind of sale going or there is some new vacancy at a company. People seek such news and we hear you. We understand the importance of authenticity and loyalty. Therefore we are here to keep you updated all the time.

Though we are doing this job well so far. But with so much change going around we don’t mind a little help. Therefore we invite you people. YES! YOU. The young bloggers who are looking for that perfect opportunity to boost their organic traffic. This is going to be the best for you.

Glory news offers their audience the opportunity to write for them. Or to state it in other words “Guest posting”. You may not know what guest posting is.

Do not worry we will shed a light on this topic to elaborate “What guest posting is?”

What is guest posting?

Guest posting is an activity of writing for someone else’s website. For those who are new to blogging world and does not know much about the SEO. Those people have to pay more attention towards this topic.

Keep in mind that this kind of blog writing which you do for someone else’s website may not be financially giving but it give you many other digital benefits.

Though in most cases you have to buy the services from a website which offers guest posting.

Many people confuse a guest poster with the contributor. However both are different things. A contributor is the one who is in contract with the website owner for example 2 post each week. On the other hand, a guest poster is not bound with these things.

Benefits of guest posting:

I mean why will you buy our services if you won’t get anything in return right? After all we are not philanthropist or charity writers. When you write for a third party website you want something in return. If you buy our guest posting services you will enjoy the following things:

  1. Grab a vast amount of audience: When you publish your articles on the external websites. The chances are much greater that you explore new audiences. Just consider this example if your article gets accepted and published by Forbes. That mean with a single article tens and thousands of people will be reading your article. And, they may want to know about the author as well.
  2. Increased targeted referral traffic: When the author writes content which has the capacity to blow a mind. Then it is obvious that specific article will get tons of traffic. That means more targeted traffic (Referral). What does it mean? More exposure more the audience more the profit!!
  3. Friendly and long-term relationships: Most of the owners are not just interested in the traffic and SEO. That is why they publish more than one guest posts in a single blog. This leads to long-term bonding with the publisher. So, there are chances that one can get multiple partnerships.
  4. Higher Authority: As the publisher has the website of higher authority, as in our case it is “66”. When you article is published on a website of higher authority, your article is then well-ranked on Google.

What we want in your article?

You should email us your one para, or two para or simply a short pitch along with a description of the topic. It should explain why it will intrigue our readers. The more professional the w-mail will be more are the chances for it to be accepted.

Keep in mind that the idea should be unique and plagiarism –free.

  1. Email us your pitch.
  2. The word length should be 800-1000 words.
  3. After approval an editor will be in touch with you.

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